On 22 December 2016


Public transport

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Awards given to the most active municipalities

On 20 December 2016, with Transport Minister François Bausch present, the TOUR du DUERF awards ceremony for the most active municipalities took place in the Pafendall Eco-Centre. Now in its third year, the TOUR du DUERF showed once more just how popular a part of our daily lives cycling has become again: over 3 weeks in 35 municipalities 857 participants cycled a total of 146,234 km – this amounts to a saving of over 20 tonnes of CO2 had cars been used to travel this distance! Once again the number of cyclists taking part and the number of kilometres they managed to cover far exceeded the previous year. 

Walferdange and Wahl were the most active municipalities:

  • Walferdange came first in 2016 in the “Total number of kilometres cycled” category, Mamer came 2nd
  • When population size is calculated, the municipality of Wahl was just ahead of Ell with regard to the number of kilometres cycled. 
  • The municipal council in Wahl was also the most actively involved in the 2016 TOUR du DUERF, in this category Walferdange came 2nd

However, everyone is a winner – and of course the main winners are both the environment and the climate. It was obvious that everyone who had taken part really enjoyed the experience and all citizens appreciated the increase in quality of life 

The Verkéiersverbond and the Klima-Bündnis are already planning the next TOUR du Duerf!