On 19 December 2017

From 2018 a simplified procedure

As the tramline is introduced and four new mBox parks are now open on the Kirchberg plateau and at the foot of the funicular, there is an ever-increasing number of secure bicycle parking spaces available. Since the first mBox was unveiled in September 2014, 20 mBox cycle stations have been opened for multimobile cyclists. And to make it even easier to use this secure bicycle parking scheme, the Verkéiersverbond is now going to alter the procedure for using it in that all registered customers will be able to use any mBox anywhere in the Grand Duchy!

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Although this is a free service, up until now each customer had to register separately for each mBox, which meant filling in a form and paying a €20 deposit for each mBox they wanted to use. To simplify the procedure and further promote the idea of multimodality, all mBox stations in the country will now be accessible with a single registration.

This means that from 1 January 2018, each new customer who registers will be able to use any mBox. The Verkéiersverbond will contact existing customers and inform them of these improvements. Obviously those who have already paid several deposits will be refunded. For existing customers, these changes are scheduled to be implemented by 1 February 2018.

For mKaart holders, requests can be made online on to use the mBox service. Users can also go to the Mobilitéitszentral at Luxembourg City Central Railway Station or Belval-University Station. The only payment required is a single refundable €20 deposit.

Secure bicycle parking, certified by the Verkéiersverbond, guarantees cyclists better protection for their bicycles against theft and vandalism. The mBox can be used to park and leave bikes with complete peace of mind, both day and night. Those registered to use the bike parks can access them at any time. mBox parks are located primarily in the immediate vicinity of public transport making it easier to use a bike to get a bus or train connection.