Adaptation of the RGTR bus service following the rockslide in the Schieburg tunnel

On 24 November 2022

Following the rock slide in the Schieburg Tunnel on the Northern Line (Kautenbach – Wilwerwiltz) on 27 August 2022, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, together with the Public Transport Administration, is informing about all measures as of Monday, 28 November 2022, in order to better meet the mobility needs.

Adaptations on RGTR regular and school bus lines:

1. Line 179 Clervaux – Ettelbruck and line 170 Weiswampach – Ettelbruck

  • Line 179 was introduced on 19 September 2022. It is a temporary line which offers a service every 30 minutes during peak hours in each direction and also one service per hour outside peak hours.
  • On line 170, a service is provided every 30 minutes during peak hours. Off-peak, one service per hour is guaranteed in each direction.

2. Line 174 Troisvierges – Heinerscheid – Hosingen

  • The back-up services of the line 174 introduced in September will be maintained (2 services in the morning, 3 services in the evening).
  • The services will be extended between 5:34 and 6:34 (departure Troisvierges) in the direction of Ettelbruck and between 15:44 and 17:44 (departure Ettelbruck) as of 5th December 2022.

3. Line 146 Wiltz – Goesdorf – Kautenbach

  • The timetable of the line 146 (Wiltz – Kautenbach) is adapted to improve the correspondence of the buses with the train. The type of bus will be adapted as of 28th November 2022 at the request of the passengers.

4. Introduction of the temporary school bus line K48 Wiltz – Heiderscheid-Gilsdorf / Lycée technique Agricole

  • A temporary line (school bus) will be set up from the Wiltz region. The schedule will be communicated to the Lycée technique Agricole.

5. Line 153 Hosingen – Holzthum – Kautenbach

  • In order to improve the correspondence with the train in Kautenbach at the stop “Op der Gare”, the timetable of the line 153 could be adapted if necessary. The Public Transport Administration is currently working on the new timetable.

For further questions, the mobility advisors of the “” call centre are available to travellers on 2465 2465 from Monday to Friday between 6:45 a.m. and 7 p.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.