On 01 March 2019

The Verkéiersverbond needs testers

During the year a completely new version of the journey planner will be launched and it will introduce a whole range of extra features. Now and over the next two months, the Verkéiersverbond would like to get your opinion. Testers who test the app before it goes live will have a real impact on the tool’s development. The app download will be available until 19 April 2019.

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As this is a project that is still being developed, some errors might occur in its operation and search results. You are therefore strongly advised not to uninstall the official app.

The new features at a glance

  • Walking, bike and private car journeys are integrated
  • Third-party services are integrated with real-time information (bike-sharing scheme, electric car recharging terminals)
  • Real-time information for certain P+R parking space availability is integrated
  • Suggested routes include this information and real-time traffic conditions
  • Different modes of transport can be combined to create customized mobility chains
  • A user account can be created and individual preferences saved
  • Results can be viewed on four tabs: My Mix, public transport, active mobility and alternative mobility
  • Navigation and assistance mode available throughout the journey
  • For bike rides, information is provided on the gradient and elevation of the terrain
  • You can see how environmentally-friendly is the journey you have chosen