Closure of the Rangwee in Luxembourg-Howald from Monday 4 April 2022 until December 2022

On 30 March 2022

As part of the redevelopment of Rue des Scillas and Rangwee in preparation for the arrival of the tram and to better meet the mobility requirements of this difficult stretch of road, major works will be undertaken from Monday 4 April 2022, which may cause traffic and public transport disruption.

Details of the changes


Due to the scale of the works (including underground works that extend over the entire roadway), a complete blockade of the Rangwee will be necessary between la rue du 9 mai 1944 and the Rangwee Tunnel from Monday 4 April until December 2022. The Rangwee Tunnel will remain accessible to traffic.

The bypass will pass through the Albert Bousser tunnel and the route de Thionville. The situation will improve somewhat with the opening of the new N3/N40 (between the Jean-Pierre Buchler bridge and the rue de Neufchâteau), scheduled for the start of the 2022 school year.

It should be noted that the section under construction will not be accessible to pedestrians either, from Monday 4 to Sunday 17 April 2022. A diversion will pass by the tennis courts (rue des Scillas) and rue Auguste Scholer.

Find the plan of the bypass under this link.

Buses in the AVL network

In this context, the City of Luxembourg wishes to inform the public that the bus lines of the AVL network 3, 5, 20, 23, 28 and 29 will be adapted as follows:

  • Due to the cancellation of line 5 in the Bonnevoie crossing (rue du Cimetière), the timetable of line 3 (Howald, Waassertuerm (CIPA) – Beggen, Henri Dunant) will be reinforced during the day and will run from Monday to Friday every quarter of an hour between the Bonnevoie LTB and Theater stops, between 7 am and 7 pm.
  • During off-peak hours, trips from / to Howald connect with line 5 at Bonnevoie-Léon XIII to / from the city centre. Line 5 (Bertrange, Gemeng – Stade de Luxembourg) is diverted in both directions between Bonnevoie-Léon XIII and Howald-Moureschanz via Rue de Hesperange and the Albert Bousser tunnel.
    The following stops are removed in both directions: Willibrord, Bonnevoie LTB, Neufchâteau and Rangwee.
    Between Bonnevoie / Howald and the Howald shopping area, or even the Cloche d’Or, users can alternatively use line 5 at the Léon XIII or Dernier Sol stops, or line 29 from Bonnevoie to the Central Station and change there to lines 20 (platform 1) or 28 (platform 2).
  • Line 20 (Hollerich-Bouillon – Cloche d’Or-Guillaume Kroll) is being rerouted in both directions between Gare-Rocade and Gasperich-Leonardo Da Vinci and serves the Howald shopping area and the Raiffeisen Boulevard, replacing the discontinued line 29 on this route.
    The following stops are integrated into the new route: Howald-Moureschanz, Howald-Ronnebësch, Howald-P+R Lux-Sud and Gerhard Mercator. The Francophonie stop on the old route has been removed, and the service will continue to be provided by lines 23 and 28.
  • Between the stops Francophonie and Bonnevoie LTB, line 23 (Eich, Centre Culturel – Bonnevoie) is diverted in both directions via the Albert Bousser tunnel and the route de Thionville. The following stops are removed: Neufchâteau Quai 2 and Rangwee. On the deviated route, line 23 serves the stops Dernier Sol, Hippodrome and Neufchâteau Quai 1. At Bonnevoie, the route is extended to the new Demy Schlechter terminus.
  • On the section Central Station – Hesperange, Cité Um Schlass, line 28 (Hesperange, Cité um Schlass – Howald, P+R Lux-Sud) is diverted in both directions through the Albert Bousser tunnel. The following stops are removed in both directions: Dernier Sol, Hippodrome, Neufchâteau and Rangwee. Users from/to these stops can use line 29 serving the route de Thionville or line 3 serving the Neufchâteau and Rangwee stops.
  • The route of line 29 (Cloche d’Or, Guillaume Kroll – Senningerberg, Charlys Statioun) is limited to the Bonnevoie-LTB – Senningerberg, Charlys Statioun route for all journeys (currently “short journey” on Sundays); the Neufchâteau – Guillaume Kroll section is removed. In place of the 29 line, the Howald and Cloche d’Or shopping area will be served by the 28 line and, in addition, by the deviated 20 line.

Buses in the RGTR network

  • Line 166 (school run): The 7.25 a.m. run no. 166-3571 from Howald-Bei der Kierch to Geesseknäppchen (S) will be advanced by 5 minutes.
  • Lines 223, 226, 303: Affected bus routes from CR231 will be diverted via Gasperichstraße – CR159 – N3 following the route and vice versa. The stops Howald-Ronneboesch, Moureschanz, Rangwee, Neufchâteau, Jhangeli, Am Houwaldsbierg and Hesperange-Wollefsmillen will not be served. The stops Howald-Op der Stirzel, Hesperange-Um Schlass and Sprëtzenhaus will be served exceptionally.
  • Line 982 (school run): The bus runs concerned from the Lycée Josy Barthel Mamer will terminate at the Bertrange-Belle Etoile stop. Pupils will be asked to take line 226 (route 6286 at 2.41pm) to Howald/Hesperange.

For further questions, the Call Center’s mobility advisors are available to travellers on 2465 2465 from Monday to Friday between 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 9.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m.