COVID-19: Protective measures on public and special needs transport

The following protective and preventive measures must be observed until further notice by all operators and users of public transport to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus among the population:

  • Wearing a protective mask is mandatory for travellers: Passengers must wear either a medical mask, a homemade fabric mask, a bandana or a scarf when using public transport. Vaccinated persons are not exempt.
  • Drivers don’t have to wear a mask if they keep a 2 metre distance to passengers, or if they are separated by a protective shield.
  • The front door of the bus remains closed. Travellers are asked to board and disembark using the rear doors.
  • The 1st row of passenger seats should be kept unoccupied as far as possible.
  • Travellers are requested to keep their distance.

Public transport

NetworkCurrent situation (09.07.2021)
More information
RGTRAll lines run on their regular timetable.See timetable
CFLAll lines run on their regular timetable.See timetable
AVLAdapted schedule.
LUXTRAMThe tram runs on his regular timetable.See timetable
TICEService is gradually increased. The Nightbus will be back in service on July 3, 2021.See timetable
CAPABSService has been adjusted.
ADAPTOService runs on his regular timetable.
NIGHTBUSService runs on his regular timetable.Read more here
MUNICIPAL TRANSPORTPlease contact your commune to know the most recent timetable.

School transport


  • The school transport in the RGTR network will be reinforced from November 9, 2020 for a better compliance with the health rules:
    The organization and the safe execution of school transport being essential priorities of the RGTR bus service, school buses carrying standing passengers are reinforced from November 9, 2020 with buses that have a higher capacity or with additional buses. Depending on the daily assessment in school transport, additional measures may be taken.