Covid19: Removal of certain restrictions in public bus services

On 14 March 2022

Due to the evolving epidemiological situation related to Covid19, a relaxation of these restrictions was decided as of 11 March 2022

The following measures are now applied in public transport:

  • reopening of the “front” doors of the buses;
  • all seats can be occupied by passengers;
  • resumption of the sale of “RegioZone” tickets on RGTR cross-border buses.

It is recalled that “The wearing of a mask is mandatory in public transport, except for the driver when an interpersonal distance of two metres is respected or a separation panel separates him from the passengers”.
The driver must therefore wear the mask when these conditions are not met. The driver is exempt from wearing the mask when there is a two-metre interpersonal distance or a sign separating him from the passengers.

The same measures are applied in the specific Adapto and CAPABS transports.

Please note

Any changes to the protective measures and public transport service will be posted on our dedicated COVID-19 page which is updated regularly.