On 14 August 2014

A game from the Verkéiersverbond

The Verkéiersverbond has a range of tools to educate about mobility.

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Booklet: Den Trollmops ass mobil.

In this booklet, the Trollmops character and two children Charlotte and Charel are playing with a kite. When a gust of wind snatches their kite away, the children and their hairy friend go running after it until they find themselves lost in the City of Luxembourg. The Trollmops then shows them how to find their way back home by using all services the Verkéiersverbond provides (website,, smartphone app, Mobilitéitszentral) and by explaining to them how to read a timetable, how to take the train and bus and how to work out where you want to go, etc.

Of course, their journey home goes smoothly and once they arrive there they find their kite stuck in the tree outside their house. Except that all the ribbons which were attached to its tail are missing.


Board game: Den Trollmops ass mobil – d’Spill

The end of the “Den Trollmops ass mobil” booklet starts off this game which is all about helping Trollmops find these 20 lost ribbons which have landed in 20 different places. Different transport methods are used to get to these places and they include travelling by train, tram, bus, car, boat, shuttle service, metro and bicycle and walking. By following a few simple rules, the choices the children have to make become a learning adventure for them, teaching them in a fun way a modal approach to mobility and so helping them to develop their social skills.


Order the game!

To order the game, please transfer €25 (+ €9.76 postage if you want it to be posted to you) to the account: BCEELULL IBAN LU51 0019 2055 0347 3000.


Message: Jeu Trollmops (+ your address if you would like the game to be posted to you)

After you have made your transfer, you also have the option of collecting your game from one of our Mobilitéitszentral mobility centres (Luxembourg City or Belval). To do this, make your bank transfer and include the message “Jeu Trollmops + your telephone number + the Mobilitéitszentral from which you wish to collect your game“.

Our mobility advisors will contact you as soon as our accounts department has processed your payment. You may then collect your game from the Mobilitéitszentral of your choice.

You can also buy the game directly (with cash) in the Verkéiersverbond’s Mobilitéitszentral mobility centres.