Discover our 2019 activity report

On 19 August 2020

2019 has been a stimulating year for the Verkéiersverbond, marked mainly by the progress of the tram construction. This work has put all our services to work, in particular the Leetstell and the call center, responsible for informing and guiding users as well as possible on their journeys, which have been turned upside down over the months.

To do this, we have made extensive use of our app, which was updated for the occasion, but also our social networks and our brand new website. Completely redesigned, the latter is now available in multiple languages with restructured content, easier, user-friendlier navigation and clear information, which is accessible to all.

2019 also enabled us to prepare for the implementation of free public transport, introduced in March 2020. A turning point in Luxembourgish history, in particular for the Mobilitéitszentral, which also lead to the disappearance of some of our offers, like the mPass. The year 2020 must therefore see all our efforts come to fruition and will undoubtedly initiate further changes within our businesses.

By thanking all the staff for their involvement, we invite you to discover in our 2019 Activity Report, more details on our news for 2019.

Happy reading!