On 07 June 2018

Public transport

To carry out the construction work to build the new railway station in Ettelbruck, there will be significant changes to traffic and to bus lines. In particular, from Monday 11 June 2018, bus departures bays will be in a different location.

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So that users are kept informed about these changes, the following measures will be carried out: 

  • Information at the bus station (Ettelbruck railway station):
  • From Thursday 7 June, leaflets will be handed out with the bay changes for each bus line; 
  • On Monday 11 June, mobility advisors will be on hand to provide additional information.
  • Information in the buses concerned:
  • From Thursday 7 June, announcements will be made in French and Luxembourgish.
  • Information for the general public:
  • From Thursday 7 June, information will be broadcast on the radio: 
  • RTL Radio: 6.30am and 4.30pm
  • Radio 100.7: 6.59am and 4.59pm
  • Information will be posted on social media and on the website.

However, it will not be possible to give passengers real-time information because of tight deadlines, the extent of the building work involved and the considerable number of alterations that need to be made to these bus lines. Unfortunately, to avoid erroneous information being published this means that the dynamic information displays at the bus stops concerned will not be operational. The same applies to the Mobilitéitszentral app. Whenever passengers make a search using the app, they will receive a message saying that this information is not available. 

For any other questions, mobility advisors at the Mobilitéitszentral Call Centre are available to speak to passengers on 2465 2465 from Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm, and also on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays between 8am and 7pm.

The lines concerned and the new locations for departure:

Lines 400, 402, 504(*), 508, 510, 511, 515, 517, 518, 520, 521, 530, 531, 535, 558, 752, 803, 805, 808, 834, 840, 842, 940 and 946

All routes departing from Ettelbruck/Station or coming from Diekirch will stop at the Ettelbruck Railway Station stop (Bay 2) and will go along Rue Prince Henri – Rue du Canal – Grand-Rue (Apdikt Petry stop) – Roundabout – and will then follow the normal itinerary.
All routes going to Ettelbruck or Diekirch will stop at Ettelbruck Coach Station.

Lines 407, 500, 501, 502, 512, 550, 552, 555, 560, 565, 570 and 944

All routes departing from Ettelbruck will stop at the Ettelbruck Coach Station stop.
All routes coming from Diekirch/Erpeldange will stop at the Ettelbruck Railway Station stop (Bay 2) and will continue either without passengers along Rue Prince Henri to Ettelbruck Coach Station or will go to Ettelbruck-Lycée Technique Agricole.

Specific line information:

Line 447: route 6377 will start from Ettelbruck/L.T. Salentiny.
Line 504: routes 5344, 5770, 6130, 6490, 6844 and 7204, will not stop at the Ettelbruck Railway Station stop.
Line 507: all routes going to Grevenmacher will not stop at the Ettelbruck Railway Station stop
and route 2956 will start from Ettelbruck-Centre Hospitalier du Nord.
Line 509: all routes concerned will terminate at Ettelbruck Railway Station (Bay 3) and will start from Ettelbruck Railway Station stop (Bay 2) and will not stop at the Ettelbruck/Pensionnat stop.
Line 948: route 6293 will terminate at Ettelbruck-Lycée Technique Agricole.