On 17 June 2019

To celebrate National Day, there will be extra public transport available: on 22 June, the day before National Day, special night-time services will be added to ensure that people out celebrating can travel safely. In addition, on 22 and 23 June 2019, public transport will be free nationwide (except for 1st-class travel).

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Changes on 17 June

Between approximately 8.30 pm and 10.30 pm, certain municipal bus lines will be diverted because of preparations for the festivities. This means that on lines 8 and 20, buses will not stop at the Léon Hengen and Niedergrunewal stops. Replacement stops are: line 8, B.E.I. and Jean Monnet (Bd Konrad Adenauer) and line 20, Rout Bréck-Pafendall and Bleuets bus stops.

Lines 1/125 and 25 will be diverted between Konrad Adenauer and Réimerwee stops along Boulevard Konrad Adenauer. Consequently buses will not stop at these two stops: Coudenhove-Kalergi and Albert Borschette.

From 21 to 24 June: the AVL 20 line will be diverted along Desserte Schuman and Rue du Fort Thüngen; Léon Hengen and Niedergrunewald stops will not be used. Replacement stops: Rout Bréck-Pafendall and Bleuets.

In addition, the Al Bréck, Metzer Plaz, Gëlle Fra and Knuedler vel’Oh! stations will be closed from 21 June at 8am to 24 June at 8am.

Changes on 22 June

Rail network

Alongside regular trains, on main lines, the CFL shall add special extra trains leaving from Luxembourg City.

  • Luxembourg – Esch – Pétange – Rodange
  • Luxembourg – Dudelange-Usines
  • Luxembourg – Dippach – Pétange – Rodange
  • Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen
  • Luxembourg – Wasserbillig
  • Luxembourg – Troisvierges

Depending on the particular line, the last trains will leave Luxembourg Central Railway Station between 2.44am and 3.40am and go to their respective destinations. The times for all these special trains are available on www.cfl.lu.

Bus network

Overnight from 22 to 23 June 2019, across the country special buses will be provided on the RGTR and CFL bus network on the following RGTR lines:

  • Line 100 Luxembourg – Bourglinster – Junglinster
  • Line 120 Luxembourg – Hostert – Junglinster
  • Line 130 Kirchberg – Grevenmacher – Machtum
  • Line 144 Luxembourg – Neihaischen
  • Line 144 Luxembourg – Itzig
  • Line 150 Luxembourg – Ahn
  • Line 160 Luxembourg – Stadtbredimus – Remich
  • Line 163 Luxembourg – Medingen
  • Line 175 Luxembourg – Mondorf – Remich
  • Line 192 Luxembourg – Hassel
  • Line 194 Luxembourg – Bettembourg
  • Line 195 Luxembourg – Fentange – Peppange
  • Line 205 Luxembourg – Mondercange
  • Line 215 Luxembourg – Bascharage
  • Line 240 Luxembourg – Clemency
  • Line 248 Luxembourg – Eischen
  • Line 250 Luxembourg – Steinfort – Ell
  • Line 255 Luxembourg – Septfontaines
  • Line 260 Luxembourg – Keispelt
  • Line 265 Luxembourg – Saeul – Redange
  • Line 275 Luxembourg – Kopstal
  • Line 290 Luxembourg – Mersch

Luxembourg City’s bus network will also run additional buses. Early in the evening before the celebrations, the main lines (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 21 and 30) will run extra buses meaning that there will be a bus every 20 minutes until approximately 10.30pm. At the same time, extra buses will also run on lines 1/125 and 18.

From 7pm, because the roads between the area around the Railway Station and the city centre will be closed off (Pont Adolphe and Viaduc), certain lines will run a restricted service in the city centre or to the Central Railway Station. Only lines 1/125, 16, 18, 21, 39 and certain regional lines (120, 144, 172, 192, 194 and 195) will be diverted between the Central Railway Station (platform 9 or 12) and the city centre from 7pm along Rue de Hollerich and Route d’Esch.

Lines 2 (Gasperich), 3/30 and 5/6 (Bonnevoie), 4 (Cessange) and 15 (Hamm) will run only between the southern districts and the Central Railway Station.

Lines 2 and 3/30 (Limpertsberg), 5/6 (Bertrange), 9/14 (Neudorf, Cents), 10/11 (Steinsel, Walferdange, Beggen) and also 13, 15 and 28 (Belair, Hollerich) will run only between the northern and western districts and the city centre. For these lines, either the departure or terminus station will be in the city centre (Hamilius or Monterey); no buses will go to the area around the Railway Station.

After the fireworks, between 11.30pm and approximately 3.30am, special buses are scheduled to run on most of the AVL lines from the city centre:


TICE network buses will run according to their normal timetables. Finally, certain municipalities will provide special services and information about these can be obtained from the respective local municipality department.


Luxembourg City recommends that visitors arriving by car use the following park and ride car parks:

  • P+R Bouillon (line 37)
  • P+R Kockelscheuer and Luxembourg-South („Centre douanier“) (line 39)

Between 6pm and approximately 10.20pm, buses going to the city centre will leave from here every 5 to 10 minutes. From 11.15pm onwards, buses from the city centre will return to the Park and Ride car parks.

In the city centre, departures to the car parks will be from the following bus stops:

  • Line 37 going to P+R Bouillon: Monterey-Parc (temporary stop); last bus leaves at 3.30am.
  • Line 39 going to Luxembourg-South and Kockelscheuer car parks: Hamilius bay 2; last bus leaves at 3.30am.

For persons with reduced mobility, the Call-a-Bus service will run on the evening of 22 June from 7.15pm to 10.30pm between P+R Bouillon and the city centre (Avenue Monterey). After the fireworks, there will buses to go back until 2.45am. This service is available to any wheelchair user and advance booking is not necessary. If you wish to use this service please speak to the on-site supervisory staff. Contact Call-a-Bus: 4796 4797.

Tram line

On 22 June, the tram timeline will be extended in the evening (from 8pm) and there will be a tram every 15 minutes until 3.48am.

Last departures: 

3.09am Luxexpo to Stäreplaz/Étoile

3.32am Stäreplaz/Étoile to Luxexpo

Changes on 23 June

Due to the military parade on Avenue John F. Kennedy, this thoroughfare will be closed off and lines 1/125, 8, 16, 18 and 20 between Kirchberg and the city centre (Fondation Pescatore stop) will be diverted between 10am and 2.30am in both directions via Kirchberg, Weimerskirch, Place Dargent, Côte d’Eich and Rue des Glacis.

Between 5.34am and 00.08am, there will be a tram every 10 to 15 minutes.

Last departures:

11.34pm Luxexpo to Stäreplaz/Étoile

11.52pm Stäreplaz/Étoile to Luxexpo