On 29 January 2015

Soft mobility

On 28 January 2015, François Bausch presented the results of a survey about soft mobility (pedestrians and cyclists) in Luxembourg that had been carried out with TNS-Ilres. “This is the first survey in the Grand Duchy to look at how residents and inhabitants in the border area behave with regard to soft mobility and to find out what they think of the existing infrastructure,” the Minister explained.

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Since February 2014, a “soft mobility” cell, coordinated by Christophe Reuter, has been operational within the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure (MDDI), working in parallel with a sustainable mobility division at the Ministry of Public Works, led by Thierry Schwartz. Both departments are jointly responsible for setting up a complete infrastructure for environmentally-friendly mobility.

The next step can already be announced: the draft law on the national cycle path network will be brought before the Luxembourg Parliament at the end of February.

To sum up, the survey revealed that during the past year, 60% of residents used a bicycle and want to make more use of it. In 2014, some 325,000 bicycles were used in the Grand Duchy, which compares with the number of private cars registered with the National Vehicle Testing Centres (SNCT – Société nationale de côntrole technique).

François Bausch pointed out that “these results provide an important tool for the work being carried out between the Ministry and municipalities to improve conditions for soft mobility in Luxembourg’s urban environment”.