On 22 November 2016

Pilot Project

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A pilot project has been launched in Belval, which means it is possible to park for free at the Belval P+R and also to get a reduction on public transport. Register quickly to join the project!

You usually park at Belval P+R? You’d like to avoid having to pay for this? 

The Verkéiersverbond and CFL have introduced an innovative pilot project to make this happen, as part of the Horizon 2020 project.

It involves using the multipurpose nature of the Verkéiersverbond’s mKaart card to allow free access to the Belval P+R and then collect “points” by taking public transport which can be used to get reductions. 

If you’re part of the project, you’ll get a Special Belval P+R Pilot Project mKaart to get into the P+R. You’ll be able to install a mobile app on your smartphone so you can monitor your use of public transport and collect stamps on a virtual loyalty card.
Once the pilot project is over, if public transport use has complied with use of the P+R* and thanks to the stamps collected, customers will be rewarded with various price reductions. Users will be able to claim their reductions on presentation of the coupon produced by the app. 

How can I take part in this pilot project? 

To take part in this pilot project and enjoy free use of the Belval P+R, go and talk to the Verkéiersverbond by visiting the Belval Railway Station Mobilitéitszentral. And as a bonus, for 3 months, you’ll be able to use public transport for half-price! 

Don’t waste time: registration ends on 20 December 2016!

*Remember that P+R, i.e. Park and Ride, means: “Park and continue your journey on public transport”. The aim of the project is to encourage people to travel this way.