On 06 February 2019

De Läb lends his voice to public transportation

The Verkéiersverbond has joined forces with De Läb, the Luxembourg singer, to reinvent its awareness-raising campaign “Looss et rullen” which won a Gold Media Award in 2014. Reworked and with the “Zäit fir ëmzeklammen” slogan now added, this new “Looss et rullen 2.0” campaign is based on an original song by De Läb, written for the campaign and which highlights the advantages of using public transport.

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The song and the clip to go with it do not take themselves too seriously and draw a caricature of a nation that is overly comfortable, seeking its salvation in using cars and nothing but cars. It’s this aspect of the campaign where caricature and reality actually do overlap since the majority of daily journeys that take place in Luxembourg could quite easily be made using alternative ways of getting around. However, to get everyone to change their habits would require everyone to look at the situation with detachment. With overcrowded motorways, motorised individual mobility on the brink of collapse and an ever-growing number of diseases resulting from being sedentary: it is time to change – Zäit fir ëmzeklammen.

The basic idea communicated by the campaign is that public transportation offers passengers a unique “space of freedom”, which allows them to use the time to read, relax or work.