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Active mobility

Did you know that most of our journeys are below 3 kilometres and could easily be done biking or walking? That’s how you limit motorised traffic and its environmental impact.

Walking, cycling, scootering, skateboarding, roller blading and all other types of non-motorised travel are types of “active mobility”. The term also covers any way of moving around by human effort alone and therefore excludes travelling on public transport. Active modes of transport tick a number of environmental boxes – reduction of noise, air pollution and CO2 emissions – and have a major impact on our health.

Got a bike? Take advantage of the numerous mBox facilities provided throughout the country: these bike parks are accessible 24h/7, so you can park your bike with complete peace of mind.

Cycle tracks

Some 285,000 bikes are used within the country every year* and no less than 600km of cycle tracks criss-cross Luxembourg. Even better: the National Roads Administration (Administration des ponts et chaussées) intends to keep up the momentum and is expanding the national network as you read!

It’s enough to make you want to jump on your bike and quickly get past all the daily traffic jams, especially in the capital. There are also a number of local cycle tracks to take you to neighbouring communes.

*(MDDI, TNS Ilres 2017)

Bike sharing

Don’t have a bike? Maybe your bike is out of action or you are scared it will be stolen? Why not share one! Bike sharing systems are ideal for short urban distances. There are currently three of these systems in Luxembourg.

  • To use the vel’OH! service within the City of Luxembourg and surroundings, just download the vel’OH! app. View your account, locate nearby stations and check bike availability. And off you go!

  • Not far from the capital city, the commune of Mamer operates its own system called Mamer Vélo.

  • In south Luxembourg, Vël’Ok offers around 400 standard and electric bikes, all available free of charge across eight partner communes: Bettembourg, Differdange, Dudelange, Esch-sur-Alzette, , Sanem, Schifflange, Rumelange and Kayl-Tétange.

Bike rental

Another option for getting around by bike: renting one! A number of shops offer a traditional rental service for periods ranging from a few hours to several days. The ones in the “Rent-a-Bike Miselerland”, “Rent-a-Bike Mëllerdall”, “Rent-a-Bike Dikrich” and “Rent-a-Bike Ardennes” even allow you to drop the bike off at a different shop from the one that rented it out.

Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff (MVOS)

Every year, the competition “Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff” is organised to promote cycling as a mode of transport. The name of the game? Create a team of two to four people and cycle for at least 15 days within the competition period that starts in mid-May and finishes at the end of July.

Putting the emphasis on participation rather than performance, this awareness-raising initiative aims to moderate individual car use in favour of cycling and multi-modal travel. The initiative also allows you to link different modes of transport and to cover only part of the distance by bike.

Participants win prizes in the end, which are provided by event sponsors every year.