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Alternative mobility

Alternative mobility is all about finding alternatives to taking your private car. There are plenty of benefits for users and the planet.


Luxembourg is committed to more sustainable travel. In fact, the country is in the process of rolling out over 800 electric charging points in the future. With this in mind, the Verkéiersverbond has provided an interactive map on the national Geoportal showing all existing and future public charging points in Luxembourg.


Did you know you could save €1,000/year by leaving your car 20 kilometres from your destination and by using public transport instead?

Located in strategic points with lots of people passing through and close to borders and public transport hubs, Park and Ride facilities offer many benefits:

  • You don’t waste time in traffic jams
  • You save money
  • You can easily park your car and continue your journey to work by train, tram or bus.
  • Your vehicle is guaranteed to be safe and secure
  • Turn your journey into leisure time on public transport


Carpooling involves people using one car to do all or part of the journey together. Plus points include:

  • Saving money: transport costs are shared
  • Eco-friendliness: traffic, noise and pollution are reduced
  • The fun of travelling with others

To set up a carpool, go to copilote.lu or download the CoPilote app which was introduced by the ministry for Mobility and Public Works.

As well as reducing the number of occupied parking spaces at your workplace, carpooling can be a solution for employees lacking easy access to public transport. It also encourages networking between the commuters!

Car sharing

Sharing a car is a form of vehicle leasing that encourages people to share rather than own a car. Instead of owning a car and not using it much, it’s sometimes better to just hire one. This way you rely on public transport and active mobility for the majority of your travels and only pay for a car when you need it, which, of course, also helps combat climate warming!

Carloh is a self-service car sharing scheme in the City of Luxembourg. These cars are available across various major residential districts within the capital, and of course at the central station and in the city centre.

Offered by Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (CFL), the Flex service additionally provides over 80 vehicles available to users at 30 stations throughout the country.