On 13 May 2015

The Verkéiersverbond is proud to announce that the ticket shop is now online.

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In order to give the general public more detailed information about the benefits of this website, the Verkéiersverbond organised a press briefing to present it on the Verkéiersverbond’s 9C07 stand at Fréijoersfoire, with the Minister for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure François Bausch present.

Gilles Dostert, the Verkéiersverbond’s General Manager, started by outlining the general context and why this service has been made available online. In fact, mShop is one element of the major mLive project, which is being piloted by the Verkéiersverbond and will set a level of quality and comfort on public transport that will be the envy of other international systems.

François Bausch spoke afterwards saying that it is indeed the quality and frequency of public transportation combined which determine its popularity with both regular and potential customers. Comfort is not just about the time spent on a bus or train. In a society which is becoming increasingly digitalised, users have far higher expectations and expect to be able to easily access services and so mShop is focussed on providing a practical, convenient service.

Users will now be able to set up an account on the website by linking their mKaart to their personal account. Here they will be able to manage what is on their card, buy products and retrieve them the following morning at one of the many validating and information terminals with the Pick Up function available on railway station platforms, as well as at various bus stops. Then in a second phase, the Pick Up service will become available at all validating and information terminals, including those on buses! As soon as the fixed terminal system has been tried and tested, this option will be made available.

Randomly selected users, as well as Users Committee members, have tested the beta version, checking it to ensure that it meets these high expectations of quality. 

For customers who do not yet have an mKaart, they have the option of getting one from either of the two Mobilitéitszentral mobility centres or from any other official AVL, CFL or TICE ticket office.

The Minister then invited the representatives from the press to view the website as mobility advisors provided a demonstration showing them how the site will change the habits of public transport users.