New app features out now

On 18 May 2020

We love hearing what you think about our journey planner. After all, it’s you who know best what you need from our app to improve your travels and commutes. A new update has just been released which includes a couple of your suggestions. Apart from small changes to the user interface, we are also constantly working on improving the routing capabilities. For this update, we focused specifically on journeys made by bike or on foot! We now receive and implement a monthly map update to make sure that our routing suggestions are always up to scratch. Previously, foot and cycling path data was only updated three times a year.

Some of the bigger changes to the app, however, are three new useful features. Have you ever swung yourself onto your bike only to be surprised by a sudden downfall of rain mid-ride? Those days are over! You can now see the weather forecast of your destination right there in the app. If it looks like it’s going to rain, you might want to switch to taking the bus. Making this information available to you will help you better plan your mobility.

Speaking of forecasts and planning, the app now also tells you if there are any available parking spots in a number of P+R car parks and it can even make an estimate of what the capacity will be like for any given date and time in the future! This applies to bike sharing stations and car charging stations, too.

Finally, we’ve introduced real-time traffic updates for the whole Greater Region. Dear crow-border commuters, this one’s for you! Before you start your drive, find the best route in the app and know exactly when you will arrive at your destination.

Update your app to receive all these new features which will make your daily mobility easier. As always, if you have any suggestions on how to further improve our app, do let us know!