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Accessibility Statement

The organisation “Public Transport Administration” is committed to making its mobile applications accessible, in accordance with the law of 28th May 2019 on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies. This accessibility statement applies to:

What is digital accessibility?

Everyone should be able to easily use and consult the information on a website or an app, in particular people with disabilities and/or using assistive software or specialised equipment (blind, partially sighted or otherwise disabled people).

Compliance status

These mobile applications are not compliant with the European Standard EN 301 549 and RAAM version 1 . The reasons for this non-compliance are listed below.

Non-accessible content

The content listed below is non-accessible for the following reason(s):


  • On the start screen level, there are decorative images that have text alternatives for “Hidden Menu” and those are focusable.
  • The logo of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works has no textual alternative.
  • If the user increases the character size by at least 200%, some pages are no longer usable because scrolling is not possible.
  • The mobile application does not support the change of portrait / landscape orientation.
  • Assistive technology users will encounter various issues with buttons. The button for displaying the password is focusable, but has no label. Its original state cannot be restored. The “Forgot Password” button is explained as text, not as a button (the same for the back button). On the “Where to?” Page, the button to empty a field is not available for a screen reader, the deactivated status of the “Confirm destination” button cannot be restored and the role of the “Next” button is not explained.
  • Understanding the position on the screen can be problematic for some users as the focus can shift without user intervention.
  • A screen reader program does not recognize the error message that appears when there is an input error.
  • Mandatory fields are not designated as such by assistive technology.
  • The type of data expected from the screen reader is not mentioned in the “E-Mail” input field on the start page.
  • On the “Create account” page, the links are not vocalized as such, but as text.
  • With the exception of the link to the “Adapto.lu” website, the links in the app are not accessible by using the keyboard.
  • Lists are not detected as such by screen readers.
  • You can only return to the home page by swiping, which is a complex gesture.
  • When the user is logged in, screen readers will not read the information for the selected tab.
  • There are several errors regarding the buttons on the “My Rides” and “My Profile” pages. A path is vocalized as “Result item”, which causes problems of understanding for blind users. The tabs do not have the right role and the menu items are not vocalized as buttons and not structured as lists.
  • On the “Where to go?” Page, the icons for the various address types in the auto-complete feature do not have any textual alternatives.
  • There are several contrasts that do not correspond to the contrast standard of WCAG 2.1, such as the input text in the “From” and “To” fields.
  • The title “Where to?” is pronounced as “Please enter the original address”.
  • If a user selects the “To” data field, the focus is again placed on the “From” input field and the user receives the message “Please enter the start address”.
  • On the “Ride Configuration” page, the “One Way” and “Round Trip” tabs are problematic for screen reader users because the user does not know which tab is active. The option fields “Leave at” and “Arrive by” are pronounced as “Toggle Accept”. Neither the role nor the status of the buttons are explained. The “Modify” button (for date and time) has the two states “Change” and “Save”, but is always referred to as “Change date and time”. The deactivated status of the “Withdraw” buttons is not reflected.
  • With the exception of the last two, the counters (adult places, service dogs, wheelchairs, etc.) are not accessible for keyboard users. The “plus” and “minus” counters are referred to as “undefined” when they are at zero.
  • The title of the “Trip Details” page is “Configuration Screen, Please Enter Date and Time”.
  • On the “Select a ride” page, the spinner explaining departure and arrival is not read out.
  • It is not possible to extend the reservation period and there is no warning in advance that the time will soon be over.
  • The title “Select a Ride” is pronounced as “Configuration Screen, Please Enter Date and Time” by assistive technologies. On the “Select a Ride” page, there is a timer activated to reserve a time slot for the user and is pronounced by assistive technology as “This selection is valid for 1 hour and 50 seconds” instead of minutes. The route button this is pronounced as a “Result Item” by assistive technologies. A blind user cannot know that it is a button and does not understand what the content of this button is.

Disproportionate burden

In regard of a supplier change of the Adapto software planned for September 1st 2021, the Public Transport Administration does not plan to change the non-conformities of the current application and will endeavour to offer an application in compliance with the RAAM version 1 as soon as possible.

Content is outside of the scope of the law of 28 May 2019

The map and online mapping services integrated into the application. Essential travel information is provided in text form with details of the place of departure and arrival.

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 22 June 2021. The statements contained in this declaration are accurate and based on an effective conformity assessment of these mobile applications with the requirements defined in RAAM 1 , such as an assessment conducted by a third-party: Information and Press Service. The statement was last reviewed on 15/06/2021.

Feedback and contact information

If you notice a lack of accessibility, please send us an email to accessibilite@atp.etat.lu: please describe your problem and the relevant page. We promise to get back to you within 1 month. In order fix the accessibility issue in a long lasting and reasonable way, the online correction of the accessibility problem will be privileged. If this cannot be done, the desired information will be sent to you in an accessible format according to your wishes:

  • in written form through a document or via email;
  • orally in an interview or over the phone.

Enforcement procedure

In the event of an unsatisfactory response, you have the option of informing the Information and Press Service, which is in charge of the verification of accessibility, via its online contact form, as well as the Ombudsman, mediator of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

This statement is based on the document template defined in the implementing decision (EU) 2018/1523. This template is © European Union, 1998-2020 and is available under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.