mLive is a national telematics project for public transport. Telematics covers every technology enabling you to synchronise your mobility with your daily life.

The introduction of the latest technology and centralised information processing provides public transport users with all essential information they need for planning their own individual mobility chain. This page features the range of resources and services in place to assist you when travelling on public transport.

Find a route

How do I get from A to B? The easiest way to answer that question is to go to or to load up its mobile application. By the way, our journey planner can also be incorporated into company intranets.

Real-time departure displays

Digital information boards at some bus stops and interchange stations provide you with real-time updates about public transport. These departure boards are based on bus timetables and refreshed in real-time thanks to a geo-location system. The Public Transport Administration of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works is also able to display a live ticker for directly communicating any information to passengers.

Installed within companies or embedded in their intranet, digital departure information which is updated in real-time also informs users about timetables, delays and problems on the routes. This tool is used in companies that wish to encourage the use of public transport and/or have signed an mConcept agreement.

Acoustic and visual support for drivers and passengers

Acoustic systems on board the buses inform drivers of the traffic situation in real time. The goal? To help them think ahead and avoid road blocks by suggesting a route that will get passengers to their destination on time. Voice announcements are also available to passengers. The Public Transport Administration of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works can provide them with instant information about any change or major problem on their journey.

Visually speaking, screens fitted in all buses show the route’s upcoming stops. This information is updated in real time and each stop is signalled by an audio announcement beforehand.

Leetstell service

Available 7 days a week, the Leetstell is designed to divert routes, thereby avoiding road blocks. They may also add extra routes to meet user demand, optimise passenger connections and substitute a route for greater efficiency. In non-stop communication with the bus drivers on the ground via radio or the on-board computers, the Leetstell gives them instantaneous updates on traffic conditions.

The service can communicate and display information directly on departure boards at bus stops as well as on in-bus screens, and also provides an audio version for bus drivers and passengers, keeping them on track before, during and after their journey.