App statistics show people travel less during the COVID-19 pandemic

On 21 April 2020

On 16 March 2020 the Luxembourg Government urged residents to stay at home and to only travel for essential reasons. Since that day, public transport service is also reduced – you can read more about that here. A dramatic decrease of road congestion is not the only telltale sign that people are taking Government advice seriously. A look at the app user statistics confirms that people are keeping their travels to a minimum.

Between 16 March and 12 April, we’ve recorded 1,236,931 fewer visits than usual. Simply put, this means that the amount of times users open the app are down by 79% compared to the four weeks leading up to the lockdown. Not only do people visit the app less, they also plan fewer trips. Just 105,075 route searches have been made in the app during that period. This is a decrease of 68% compared to a total of 327,912 searches between 17 February and 15 March. Finally, the number of downloads and updates from the app store has also significantly decreased.

While we continue to deliver accurate travel information during the pandemic, we are pleased to see that most people are following the Government recommendations and only leaving the house if absolutely necessary.