On 10 February 2017

mBox: Secure Bicycle Parking

On 9 February 2017, the Verkéiersverbond had the pleasure of officially unveiling the Grand Duchy’s first mobile mBox at Ettelbruck railway station, in the presence of Camille Gira, Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. The Verkéiersverbond’s mBox service provides secure bicycle parking in an enclosed shelter free of charge.

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Camille Gira emphasized how important the multimodal approach would be for tomorrow’s mobility, as well as the key role that bicycles play when commuting distances under five kilometres. This mobile mBox near Ettelbruck railway station is a service that is being set up before the construction work begins to build the new station. When it opens, this new building will house a permanent mBox. Furthermore, the importance attached to soft mobility has led to a Soft Mobility Cell being set up in the Department of Transport at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and employees at the Ministry of Public Works being appointed to work specifically on Sustainable Mobility.

Gilles Dostert, Verkéiersverbond General Manager, pointed out that the concept of secure bicycle parking had not been invented in Luxembourg and that different versions exist across the world. However, what makes the mBox concept unique is that the Verkéiersverbond certifies the facilities and access to the parking is managed centrally. 

The Luxembourg National Railway Company (CFL) has emphasized the importance of bikes as a way for people to commute to railway stations. Taking a bike on a train is still free and perfectly possible and offers regular travellers an extra option for planning their mobility chain. The CFL also plans to gradually introduce this practical, free service in its stations. In addition to the nine mBox facilities already in place across the country, another half dozen will be added in 2017. 

The mBox concept offers considerable potential and is also targeted at the public sector and municipalities. The new exchange hubs that are planned countrywide will be immediately equipped with this service.

The mBox concept

Secure bicycle parking which guarantees cyclists better protection for their bicycles against theft and vandalism. The mBox facility can be used to park bikes with peace of mind both day and night. Those registered to use the bike parks can access them at any time. mBox parks are and will be located primarily in the immediate vicinity of public transport so that using bikes to connect with buses or trains is made easy.

Since the first mBox was introduced in September 2014, nine mBox parks have been opened for multimobile cyclists and this number is set to double in 2017. mKaart holders can ask to use the mBox through the Verkéiersverbond’s online ticket office. Users can also go to the ticket desks at the Luxembourg City Central Railway Station Mobilitéitszentral. The only outlay is a €20 deposit which is refundable. The mBox service is free of charge. 

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