Free transport

Free public transport from 1st March 2020

From 1st March 2020, public
transport within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will become free to use for
residents and non-residents (except first class).

Therefore, annual passes purchased after
the 1st March 2019 will be valid for less than a year. No refunds
will be issued for passes which would theoretically be valid after 29th
February 2020 (i.e. you decide to purchase an annual pass on 1st
April 2019. The fare for the days between 1st and 31st
March 2020 will not be refunded).

Fares (annual, monthly or senior pass etc.)
will not be changed or discounted. First class fares for CFL trains will stay
the same (€660 for an annual pass, €75 for a monthly pass).

Staff of the Mobilitéitszentral, the CFL, the City of Luxembourg and the TICE are happy to help you decide which tickets and passes work best for you.