On 21 January 2015

The competition is now closed

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In 2014, the Verkéiersverbond said “Thank You” to public transport users for choosing this sustainable mode of transport. And if you came to our Mobility Centre | Mobilitéitszentral at Luxembourg City Central Railway Station, the Verkéiersverbond gave away a lovely notepad to say thank you. This gift came with a little competition to be creative. We asked you to use this pad and be creative whenever you had time to spare on board the Luxembourg bus and train network. And so you created pictures, poems and even a novel! These creations which you placed in the competition box at the Luxembourg Central Railway Station or Belval/University Mobilitéitszentral will be judged, and should the opportunity arise, will be published this year during the festivities to mark the Verkéiersverbond’s 10th anniversary. Everyone who left us their contact details will also be eligible to win the great prizes that the Verkéiersverbond is giving away! As soon as the jury has chosen the winners we will let you know.