Annual pass RegioZone

Travel on national public transport is free of charge. Free public transport ends at the border, so you must get a cross-border pass or ticket if you plan to travel outside of the territory of the Grand Duchy.

RegioZone is a standardised fare for cross-border bus connections which is calculated based on zones. Two zones for cross-border bus lines have been defined in regards to their distance to Luxembourg:

The annual pass is valid for unlimited journeys on cross-border RegioZone bus lines from the stated day until the same day of the following year at 4 am. It is not valid on international train journeys.

Moreover, the annual passes ‘Studentepass RegioZone 1‘ and ‘Studentepass RegioZone 2‘ allow students under 30 and pupils who own a ‘myCard’ to travel across the border. Exception: The ‘myCard’ allows pupils to travel for free on lines L01, L02, L03, L04, L05, L06, L07, 130 and 173 without a ‘Studentepass’.



  • RegioZone 1 €360
  • RegioZone 2 €750