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Terms and conditions of use for the mobiliteit.lu app widget

The Public Transport Administration (public institution), 4, rue Charles Bernhoeft, 1240 Luxembourg, Luxembourg, operates the “mobiliteit.lu” app. With this application, the Public Transport Administration provides a multimodal route planner, including the creation of profiles, map function and travel guide for Luxembourg and the neighbouring region to natural persons (“Users”). Another tool in addition to the application is a widget, which Users can insert into their own homepage in accordance with the criteria defined below. By inserting the widget into their own homepage, Users declare that they agree to the subject matter of the terms and conditions of use as well as the terms and conditions of use for the widget.

Subject matter of the terms and conditions of use

  • The Public Transport Administration grants customers, free of charge, a non-exclusive and non-transferable right of use exclusively within the scope described hereinafter. In all other regards, the Public Transport Administration reserves all rights – irrespective of the legal basis – relating to the widget.
  • The Public Transport Administration reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of use and the functions offered in relation to the widget or the widget itself at any time. Users shall be notified of amendments or additions in due time and in an appropriate form.
  • In addition to the terms and conditions of use for the widget, the general terms and conditions of use for the mobiliteit.lu app must also be complied with.
  • The widget is a piece of software that facilitates simplified access to the electronic timetable information (www.mobiliteit.lu) on the internet.
  • The use of the widget comes under the following CC licence: CC BY-NC-ND.  

Terms and conditions of use for the widget

  • Commercial use of the software, as well as commercial use of the data generated by the widget, is not permitted.
  • The source code provided may not be modified. For example, no modifications, further development, reproduction, etc. of the software may be undertaken.
  • It is not permitted to pass on the source code or the data to third parties.
  • Changes to the software settings by the user are only permitted to the extent that these are available via the internally programmed options menu.
  • The widget may not be used in any manner that could lead to a considerably greater load on the server (for example, as a result of automatic enquiries to the widget interface) than would be the case as a result of customary, default use. The direct consequences of inappropriate use shall be the prevention of access to and use of the widget.
  • The User undertakes not to misuse the widget and must refrain from using the program in any setting that would be damaging to the Public Transport Administration as a company or its services.
  • The User is expressly permitted to share links to the widget or links to content by means of the widget.
  • Should a User culpably breach their obligations, they shall indemnify the Public Transport Administration against all third-party claims.

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