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The “Group Travel” service is set up by the Public Transport Administration (ATP) in order to facilitate the organization of bus travel for groups of travellers of 10 to 25 people. This service, which applies only to journeys operated on the RGTR network, is free of charge.

The service consists of establishing the most suitable route according to the data provided by the group travel organizer through his request and of informing the various responsible RGTR operators involved in the route.

The application does not represent a reservation and does not give any right to reserved seats in the RGTR network.

If you only use the AVL (Ville de Luxembourg) or TICE bus lines, you must directly contact the respective departments :

  • AVL : Ville de Luxembourg – Service Autobus : +352 4796 2975
  • AVL (specifically for a school group)  autobus@vdl.lu 
  • TICE : Syndicat T.I.C.E : +352 57 42 32 1

If you wish to travel in a group by train, you must contact the respective departments directly.

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