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The On-Demand Transport for Persons with Reduced Mobility (ADAPTO)

The Adapto mobility service

The Adapto mobility service is a specialised mobility service that serves as an individualised public transport service for citizens with an irreversible disability or a physical, mental, sensory or psychological impairment when this disability results in severely reduced mobility. It is an occasional “door-to-door” transport service on request and operates on a contract basis. The client is picked up at the pavement of their drop-off location.

Adapto does not serve as:

  • Measure for persons with temporarily reduced mobility due to an accident, fracture or other temporary disability,
  • Benefit for senior citizens with age-related impairments (unless they have a disability as described in the above section),
  • Benefit for assistance with transport, outings and transfers already provided under long-term care insurance,
  • transport for sick persons,
  • Taxi ambulance.

Beneficiaries – conditions for access to the service

Generally, access to Adapto-Transport is granted if the applicant:

  • has a severe permanent motor disability,
  • is blind or severely visually impaired,
  • has a cognitive or neurological disability,
  • has a serious progressive illness,
  • And if his or her disability prevents him or her from using public transport or driving a car.

Persons who are habitually resident in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and who meet the above conditions are eligible for the Adapto service.

Children will be transported from the age of 12.

Application form for access to the Adapto service

To access the transport service, an application has to be made using this form, accompanied by a medical certificate in any case not older than 3 months.

The form can be downloaded from myGuichet.lu

The documents have to be sent to the following address:

Administration des transports publics
Service Transports PMR Adapto
B.P. 640
L-2016 Luxembourg

To contact the Adapto department, you can use the following e-mail address: adapto@atp.etat.lu.

Adapto card

If the applicant meets the admission conditions, an Adapto card will be issued, showing the number and expiry date of the card, as well as the first name, surname and date of birth of the holder. This card will be sent to the applicant by mail. It is strictly personal.

Transport timetable and conditions


  • Sundays (and public holidays), Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: from 7 am to 10 pm;
  • Friday and Saturday: from 7 am to 12pm;
  • 24th December: from 7 am to 8 pm.


  • The service operates within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
  • journeys are grouped and small detours are therefore possible;
  • It is allowed to the client to take a handbag, a small piece of luggage or his groceries in reasonable quantities.

Accompanying third person

  • The passenger can be accompanied by a maximum of one accompanying person, to be determined by the client. The person must travel the same route throughout the journey.
  • If the Adapto Card indicates that the holder is accompanied, the accompanying person must be able to provide reasonable assistance to the beneficiary.

Adapto is only a transport service and does not provide nursing or social assistance. In the event of a disability-related need for assistance, the beneficiary must be accompanied by a competent trusted person or he / she has to use a taxi or taxi ambulance.


Dogs are admitted free of charge under the full responsibility of the beneficiary and on condition that they are leashed. They must be secured in the vehicle with a special belt to prevent them from slipping and endangering the driver. The owner of the dog must provide the safety belt.

Safety for the transport of the recipient

Vehicles are equipped with wheelchair restraints to secure the wheelchair. Passengers must also be secured with a lap belt attached to the wheelchair. The recipient must provide additional special fastening material. The same applies to special belts (e.g. for different types of epilepsy or hypotonia).

It is recommended that the wheelchair is equipped with a headrest. This is not included in the scope of delivery.

Electric wheelchairs such as scooters or other wheelchairs that cannot be properly fixed are not permitted for transport.

The role of the Adapto driver

The driver picks up the passenger at the pavement of the departure point. He or she may help a passenger get on or off the bus. The driver waits for a maximum of ten minutes. The drive helps the passenger to put on an appropriate safety belt and fits the wheelchair tie-down-equipment.


It is possible to book a ride until 7 pm the day before the transport.

Reservations can be made via a reservation platform. You can make a reservation:

Book your Journeys with your smartphone

Users who have a new Adapto card issued as part of the reform and are thus registered on this new platform can book and cancel their journeys themselves via a mobile application.

This app is available free of charge in three languages (French, German and English) for:

Android (Google play) , IOS (App Store)

Click on this link for more information on using the new application.

Adapto.lu application

The mobile application allows the customer to :

  • activate and connect to their account,
  • follow their transport in real time and thus know the precise arrival of the transport vehicle,
  • Receive push notifications.

Authentication is done by email address and password.

Users can book their journey before 7pm for the following day. The journey can be booked up to 2 months in advance.

Measures in case of discourtesy

Persons, who disrupt public order and safety, behave inappropriately or fail to comply with the regulations, the Terms and Conditions and the driver’s instructions may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the Adapto service, depending on the severity of the offence.

Adapto FAQ

What is the procedure to benefit from the Adapto transport service?

Please find the admission requirements under the relevant section on this page. The request must be made using this form, accompanied by a medical certificate dated less than 3 months.

How do I make a reservation?

How do I connect to the Adapto application ?

Provided that you have received an Adapto card, and that your mobile phone number and your e-mail address are correctly recorded in the public transport administration customer file, you can connect as follows :

  • download of the Adapto application (AppStore and GooglePlay)
  • click on ” reset password “
  • insert the mobile phone number (that of the customer file)
  • an SMS containing a new password (valid for 10 minutes) will be sent to you
  • enter your email address and password to access the application
  • after the first connection you have the possibility to change the password in the application parameters

In case of connection problems : call the call center at 2465 2465.

A video “ how to use the Adapto application ” is available.

How can I change the language in the Adapto application or for sending SMS?

The language of the Adapto application is the one of your mobile phone. If you wish to change the language, you have to change the language of your mobile phone in the “settings”. This also applies to sending SMS.

What are the working hours of the mobiliteit.lu call center

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • public holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Is it possible to reach the mobiliteit.lu call center outside the opening hours?

Outside the opening hours of the call center, an emergency service is available via the answering machine at the same telephone number 2465 2465

Until when can I make a reservation? 

  • until 7 p.m. the day before via the app and online
  • spontaneous reservations are only possible by phone at 2465 2465, subject to availability

Cancellations can be made up to 2 hours before the trip.

What are the operating hours of the Adapto transport?

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as well as public holidays from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to midnight
  • December 24 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • 1 st January from 8 a.m. on

Can I choose a specific transport company for my reservations?

No. Adapto reservations can only be made through the 3 options listed under the point “How do I make a reservation?”. A software carries out the planning of the trips automatically.  

How can I be sure that a vehicle adapted to my needs will pick me up? 

All vehicles are classified by categories, according to the number of seats and by the specific equipments available. The software’s algorithm chooses the right vehicle based on your needs and the information that were provided when you applied for an Adapto card.

What is my usage limit?

Since it is an occasional transport, there is a limit of use. Each beneficiary can make 360 ​​trips per year (1 return trip = 2 trips). This limit is renewed on each expiry date until the end of the validity of your card.

What do I do if the driver is late or cannot find me?

If you notice that the driver is late or cannot find you, you can contact him directly via the telephone function of the Adapto mobile application. To do this, you need to use the app and click on the current trip. You can only contact the driver via the app from the moment of the scheduled arrival time of the bus.

What do I do if I left some belongings in the bus ? 

If you forgot any personal effects on an Adapto bus and if you remember which bus company made the trip, you can contact them directly. Alternatively, you can call the mobiliteit.lu call center on the number 2465 2465.

Why am I receiving an SMS / voice call from a French number?

Text messages and voice calls coming from a French telephone number are explained by the contract between the application provider and the messaging provider which currently only allows the “Voice” functionality for Luxembourg numbers. However, the SMS functionality is not yet in place and is under development. The complete change to a Luxembourg number will take place once the developments are finalized.

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