User committee

The Transport Users’ Committee serves as a platform for information and for constructive discussion about issues relating to the organisation and operation of public transportation.

Establishing the Users’ Committee has facilitated dialogue between public transport customers and the bodies responsible for organising and running this transport. This means that the people using public transportation are able to make their mobility needs known directly to the authority that runs the public transport and they can put forward suggestions as to how public transport could be better organised. Moreover, the Users’ Committee helps ensure that greater consideration is given to users’ mobility needs with regard to the day-to-day operation of the public transport services available.

The Users’ Committee’s remit also includes responding to consultations set up by the government member responsible for public transport. These consultations may cover any public transport issue, and in this context, the Committee offers advice and submits proposals to the Minister with regard to fares and the public transport services available.



  • Jean Roilgen (président)

  • Camille Liesch (vice-président)

  • Daniel Neu (secrétaire)

  • Elisabete Brandao

  • Albert Lambert

  • Pol Olinger

  • Raymond Hastert

  • Guy Martin