Multi-mobility workshop

As of the 2021/2022 school year, the Public transport administration, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth, is offering a workshop on multi-mobility education aimed at teachers and school classes of cycle 4.

This interactive workshop is aimed at schoolchildren who are in the final phases of primary school age and who usually will attend secondary school the following year. Since this one is most of the time no longer located in walking distance, the students are obliged to use means of transport. In order to make them aware of the importance of public transport and autonomous transport, in this innovative and digital workshop, participants will learn about multi-mobility in a playful, dynamic and engaging way and develop an awareness about the environment and their health.

During this workshop, a trained supervisor goes through the various activities with the pupils. In the centre is an iPad, which will be given to the participants and on which they are shown, among other things, a film produced especially for the workshop, in which two protagonists, Sarah and Max, discover and exercise the possibilities of multi-mobility on their own. Afterwards, the participants go through an interactive multi-mobility game, which concludes with a group work. 

The workshop lasts two consecutive lessons and is offered digitally on iPads with the help of a supervisor. Available Wi-Fi at school is not a requirement, as the iPads are equipped with 4G sim cards. To help you visualise the activity, here is the QR code for the mobility game, for iPads only. If you, as a teaching staff for your class, would like to receive more information about the workshop or would like to reserve an appointment for the workshop, please contact us by filling the contact form below. See also the report made by RTL Télé Luxembourg under this link.

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