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Mobibus transport, until 31 July 2022 known as CAPABS (Transport Complémentaire d’Accessibilité pour Personnes à Besoins Spécifiques), is a special regular transport service, which is complementary to ordinary school transport and public transport.

Mobibus transport is organised for Luxembourg residents, mainly on Luxembourg territory.

In principle, the beneficiaries of the Mobibus transport service are transported from their home to a specialised education or inclusion facility, and vice versa.

The organisation provided by the Public Transport Administration includes the administrative, technical, financial and accounting management and control of these specialised regular transport services.


These are pupils:

  • for whom a specific regular transport is proposed by the National Inclusion Commission created by the law of 20 July 2018 creating Centres of competence in specialised psychopedagogy in favour of school inclusion;
  • who benefit from an individualised care plan under the amended law of 6 February 2009 on the organisation of basic education and for whom regular specific transport is proposed by a basic education inclusion commission;
  • who benefit from an individualised training plan by virtue of the amended law of 5 June 2004 on the organisation of secondary schools and for whom regular specific transport is offered by a school inclusion commission for secondary education;

or disabled persons with reduced mobility who go to one of the following facilities

  • any training, employment or day activity service for people with disabilities and therapeutic workshops;
  • a socio-educational day care service for children or young people in an orthopedagogical or psychotherapeutic home
  • a socio-professional integration service.

These structures must be approved in accordance with article 1, paragraph 2, of the amended law of 8 September 1998 regulating relations between the State and organisations working in the social, family and therapeutic fields.

Applications for this transport are made by the specialised centres and submitted to the Public Transport Administration.

Additional information (available in French):

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