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Multi-mobility means combining a range of methods of transport facilities to suit your needs as you move around, reducing your environmental footprint as you do so.

Just leave your car in the car park, forget about the daily stress and switch to multi-mobility! Being multi-mobile is all about choosing alternatives to exclusively using your vehicle and switching between modes of transport as you go. In other words, you create your own mobility chain by switching between your car, the bus, the tram or train, cycling or walking to meet your needs. This way you take account of all possible combinations for reaching your destination.

Become multi-mobile

Multi-mobility is the easiest way of travelling without the hassle of busy traffic – with so many benefits that come with it. And it’s a lot cheaper and greener. Find smart, personalised multi-mobile routes our journey planner!

The latter collects real-time public transport timetables as well as data from third-party mobility providers, and processes and fine-tunes them for you: it offers the latest public transport data and timetables, so you can choose your own mix of bus, train, tram, car, cycling and walking.

The inclusion of all modes of transport, including e-mobility, car pooling and the combined options of P+R and bike share schemes, means you can create your own mobility chain to suit your own personal requirements.

Interchange stations

A series of interchange stations have been set up around the country to make multi-mobility an easy option for you. An interchange station is a place where various transport networks intersect. It is a location that has been specially designed to link different modes of passenger transport and encourage the uptake of inter-modality. Yet interchange stations are not just transit locations, but also places with access to all essentials for travelling, such as information points and timetables in real time.