Julie lives not far from the border and drives on crowded motorways to get to work every morning. Every day, she’s in for a stressful time. But after several years of insisting on using her car, now she only uses it to get to the next Park+Ride, just 20 minutes from her home.

There, she quickly finds a parking space and glances at the departure boards to see when the next bus arrives, which will drop her off right outside her office. While she’s travelling, Julie doesn’t worry about the traffic, the time or where she can park her car. This young mother feels free and relaxed, using the time to read the news on her phone or to reply to messages from friends.

This is how Julie starts the day relaxed and saves money.

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Alternative mobility

Behind the notion of alternative mobility lies the desire to see the development of travel solutions other than the private car. For the planet and for the user, its advantages are many.

Multi-mobile travel in Luxembourg

Multi-mobility means combining a range of methods of transport facilities to suit your needs as you move around, reducing your environmental footprint as you do so.

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