Night owls

Tania will soon be 30. She works all week and when Friday comes around the young woman can’t think of anything else: time to unwind, when she can meet her friends and really relax. On the menu: a few cocktails to kick off the evening, a nice meal, and a few bars to dance into the early hours.

To make the most of it, Tania leaves her car at home and uses the free service provided by her commune: the Nightbus. This shuttle stops at set times along its route and is popular with people who like to stay out late. And, depending on the commune, the shuttle can be booked on demand. So it might pick Tania up from her home and take here to her evening destination.

The same goes for the return: Tania gets on the Nightbus, which picks her up at the stated time and place and takes her back home. Ideal for a care-free night out in town!