The arrival of he tram and the cable car in December 2017 brought a fresh drive to mobility under the motto ‘Good Morning Mobility’. Here you’ll find an overview of the new services and adjustments that have already been put in place or are going to be implemented over the course of this year.


These new services come into effect on 17 September 2018.


An overview of the new services and adjustments, which have been put in place since 10 December 2017.


An interchange station is a centralised public transport stop. Here, you have quick and easy access to different transport options, such as buses, trains and trams. You can also securely store your bicycle in an mBox at the interchange station.

The tram is integrated in the national fare system. This means that you don’t need a special ticket to travel. Your regular ticket and your mKaart are valid on all buses, trains and trams in Luxembourg. The new cable car can be used free of charge.

The new Kirchberg terminus of regional bus lines makes it easier for you to transfer to connecting buses, trains and trams. Your journey will be more flexible while simultaneously easing traffic in the city as fewer individual bus lines need to drive through the city centre.

Bus stops on John F. Kennedy Avenue have been relocated in order to make space for the new tram lane and bicycle path. The tram crosses the avenue much quicker and more frequently than buses did before. It operates every 6 minutes during between 6:30am and 7:30pm on weekdays and every 10 to 15 minutes outside of these times.

An mBox is a parking station for secure and convenient storage of your bicycle. You can access the stations at any time. They are free to use with an mKaart but require a 20€ deposit.

Luxexpo interchange is currently in a transitional period. Once its construction has finished, all bus stops are going to be relocated into the building behind the tram station. The interchange station will also have office blocks and a free P+R car park.


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